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Så kan det gå - Boosta dina relationer

May 12, 2022

Today's episode is a tribute to the first-ever Inner Development Goals Summit that took place at the end of April.

The Inner Development Goals is a nonprofit initiative with 23 skills that we all as individuals need to develop in order for us as humanities to reach UN's Global Sustainability Goals to save the living conditions here on earth.  I was amazed of how inspiring the summit was and therefore I feel privileged to be able to share this further with you all. 

If you missed it you can get your ticket at and watch it for 3 more months.

Since this is a global initiative this episode will be in English so that we all can take part in it. With me today I have one of the speakers and co-creators, the transformal educator Aftab Omer who is a living example of a man who shows some of the IDG thinking skills like complexity awareness, perspective-taking, and deeper sense-making throughout this conversation.  

About Aftab
Aftab Omer, Ph.D. is a sociologist, psychologist, futurist and the president of Meridian University. Raised in Pakistan, India, Hawaii, and Turkey, he was educated at the universities of M.I.T, Harvard and Brandeis. His publications have addressed the topics of transformative learning, cultural leadership, generative entrepreneurship and the power of imagination. His work includes assisting organizations in tapping the creative potentials of conflict, diversity, and complexity. Formerly the president of the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychologies, he is a Fellow of the International Futures Forum and the World Academy of Arts and Sciences. Aftab's work at Meridian University over the last 30 years has emphasized the development of partnership capability. In an influential article entitled "The Spacious Center: Leadership and the Creative Transformation of Culture" published in 2006, he introduced a new framework for understanding culture's transformation through cultural leadership.

This podcast is hosted by Elin Ribjer in collaboration with the value-based relationship app Relate.
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